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Welcome to Toddler Town Infant Nursery and Preschool, a 4 star GNJK quality rated learning center located in Hammonton, NJ, serving the local community since 1998. Our mission is for children and families to experience individualized education that builds the foundation for a lifetime of success and a love of learning through experienced and caring teachers, a curriculum and effective teaching strategies. We offer programs for children ages 6weeks through 6 yrs old. Toddler Towns vision is to be the most nurturing environment for children and the most trusted by parents. Everyday, we commit ourselves to the future by focusing on the needs of our children through age appropriate
activities in a caring and safe setting.

About us

Toddler Town educationally based daycare centre

Toddler Town  is a fully licensed educationally based daycare centre  dedicated to providing a safe and happy environment where young children can learn, play, explore and grow while their parents are at work. At Toddler Town, a lot of thought has gone into making our provision distinctive, exciting and fun. Every classroom is as unique as the children attending, therefore when selecting our equipment and resources we have been diligent to ensure the highest quality in safety and age suitability has been accounted for. 

Toddler Town  is a friendly, caring and committed provision, which embraces excellence and quality early education. We strive to create a happy atmosphere where learning is fun! Toddler Town provides an exciting, innovative and nurturing care for every individual child. Our focus is to ensure that each unique child is nurtured to reach his or her full potential.

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Our infant program for children 6 weeks through 15 months emphasizes individualized care by loving and nurturing caregivers who are responsive to the developmental needs of each child. Your childs first experience with childcare can be stressful but our nurturing environment will help ease your child’s anxiety. Consistency in an infant’s daily schedule promotes a feeling of security, which leads to establishing bonds with their caregivers and building confidence to promote learning and development.


As toddlers, children are meeting new challenges as fast as they come. Walking, talking, socializing and alternating between a balance of independence and dependence, curiosity and lots of energy are marks of a toddler. They learn to feed themselves, use the potty and indulge in artistic curiosity. Toddlers enjoy blocks, simple puzzles, manipulatives and dress up. Language and motor skills start to develop in leaps and bounds. Music, rhymes, stories, outdoor play and learning simplicities envelop much of the day.

Our toddler environment is designed to promote exploration, while continuing to encourage the physical and social aspects of development. Our teachers guide our toddlers to learn boundaries without discouraging their innate love of learning through a trusting and loving relationship.


Young children learn by doing! This age marks the transition from toddler to preschooler. By age 3, children have mastered most physical attributes to develop socially with peers in cooperative, more focused play. They begin to sit for longer periods of time, listen to stories and sign songs.


We provide a structured environment with an intentional daily schedule and routine filled with activities planned around the following domains of learning: Language, Literacy and Communication, Social Studies, Health Education and Music. As preschoolers gain independence and self control, they begin to think logically and problem solve. Preschoolers consistently ask the “why” and “how” of the world around them and become imaginative creative thinkers. By fostering this natural curiosity and integrating educational success with established classroom structure, children will develop self esteem and confidence that are essential to learning.